Unique Private Tutors

We are delighted to introduce to you our special personalized coaching branded “Unique Private Tutors” highly effective and result oriented “one on one” method of teaching.

     Addresses the major area of student’s weakness.

     Makes learning interesting and easy.

     Encourage full concentration.

     Teacher comes down to student’s level of assimilation.

Our long time commitment and dedicated tutoring of various categories of students have given us more than enough experience on individual student of different foundation, character and assimilation to prove to you our competency.

Also, our well seasoned, highly qualified, experienced, dedicated, disciplined and hardworking tutors are specially trained to handle different cadre of students with various levels of assimilation and composure.


Each student’s teacher shall be present according to the timetable at the home of the student or any other designated venue chosen by the student’s parent/guardian (which should be constant).

The classes are spread through Monday – Saturday (our clients are allowed to choose the days they prefer).

Special Attributes

     Assimilation and general composure assessment report of the student(s) shall be tendered to parent/guidance

    – Periodical supervision and monitoring of the tutor.

     Student lesson’s notes will be examined regularly.

     Student will be guided in doing his/her homework.

     Assessment examination will be conducted periodically.

    – Appraisal form shall be given to the parents to enable us assess our tutor’s performances 

This program is ideal for:

     Elementary Classes (Nursery 2 – Primary 6).

     Common Entrance Preparatory Class (Private, State and Federal examination).

     Secondary School Students (J.S.S 1-3 and S.S.S 1-3).

    – S.S.C.E, G.C.E and NECO candidates.

     Adult Education

     Advanced Level (SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT etc.)