What is SAT® Test?

The SAT® Reasoning Test is a measure of what you learned in school and how well you can apply that knowledge. The SAT assesses how well you analyze and solve problems—skills you learned in school that you’ll need in college.

 The total testing time for the SAT is 3 hours and 45 minutes—not including breaks, check-in time, and pre-administration activities. The total time you should plan on being at the test centre is approximately five hours. The SAT consists of three sections: critical reading, mathematics and writing.

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It is accepted for U.S. College Admissions. Most U.S. Universities ask for the SAT® for admissions to their undergraduate programs. Many universities also require students to take SAT®-II Tests. it has a validity of five years.

This is a three-hour, forty-five minute primarily multiple-choice test, measuring critical reading, writing and mathematical reasoning abilities that develop over time.

Most Colleges require SAT®-I scores for admission. the SAT® I is scored out of 2400 – a separate score of 800 each for Quantitative Reasoning, Critical Reading and Writing.

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SAT is conducted 6 times in a year from October to June in Nigeria. It does not have strict eligibility rules and any one can appear for it. You can take the test as many times as you want.

You must get the SAT test registration done before the deadline gets over. Students must get SAT registration done as early as possible. However there are different deadlines for international SAT test registration and different for those who register in US. You have different options to register for SAT to choose from.

SAT Reasoning Test:

The sat reasoning test has 3 sections: Writing, Reading and Mathematics.

Writing Section
This is a 60 minutes test with 3 parts. Out of them, 2 parts are of 25 min and the 3rd part is of 10 min. The whole writing section has about 45 questions in all and 1 essay to be written by you.

Here you will be required to write an essay in your own words on the given topic. You could be given a statement, or a set of statements that bring out a thought and you will have to expand the thought with your knowledge, experience and writing skills.

The Mathematics section of the SAT is widely known as the Quantitative Section or Calculation Section. The mathematics section consists of three scored sections. There are two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section, as follows:
• One of the 25-minute sections is entirely multiple choice, with 20 questions.
• The other 25-minute section contains 8 multiple choice questions and 10 grid-in questions. The 10 grid-in questions have no penalty for incorrect answers because the student guessing isn’t limited.
• The 20-minute section is all multiple choice, with 16 questions.
Notably, the SAT has done away with quantitative comparison questions on the math section, leaving only questions with symbolic or numerical answers.
• New topics include Algebra II and scatter plots. These recent changes have resulted in a shorter, more quantitative exam requiring higher level mathematics courses relative to the previous exam.

SAT Preparation in Nigeria

SAT preparation is a very important step of the planning required for SAT. Good SAT preparation forms a good back up to appear for the exam. SAT preparation does not only help you get a good score in the exam, but also gives you confidence to appear in it.

SAT is a scholastic aptitude test. It tests the student for his intelligence and knowledge acquired in the lower levels. And thus various colleges, on the basis of their score in SAT, select the students. So it can be said that SAT is an exam, which enables the students to get admission in their desired course, and eventually sets the stage for a bright future. However, this is not a cakewalk and one has to put in hard work and burn the midnight oil to achieve success in SAT. If you are interested, you should give time and hard work for SAT preparation.

Preparation is required for any exam, but there is difference in the way you prepare for different exams. SAT preparation must be done according to the style of the test. You must know what is expected out of you and then prepare. And for SAT preparation, you must start to study about 3 months in advance.

Before you start SAT preparation, you must be familiar with the pattern of the test. Only then can you get a clear idea about how to prepare. This will also help you avoid wasting time on useless things, as you will know what exactly can be asked.

Let us see every aspect on the SAT test and accordingly discuss the SAT preparation strategies.


Each SAT candidate in Nigeria is required to present a valid international passport as an identifying document at the test center on the test day before he/she will be allowed into the test room.